Between clouds

All in a sudden, you find yourself between clouds, looking at airplanes flying over you. Last summer, I had a very unusual assignment, which doesn’t happen very often. I have photographed airplanes for a new Italian Airlines. I had to find a new and contemporary way to portray flying airplanes, capturing “hero shots” and so develop new visual studies for their communications

I was in the Uk, exactly In Manchester, where thankfully the city has a large range of flights over the day.

I had strange feeling while being there, as a teenager I have been super passionate about aviation, seemed like I was going back trough time, when I always had my eyes trough the sky.

I even didn’t go to school, just to go to my closest airport and seeing flights landing or leaving.

It didn’t go always very well, once the police came, took my camera and removed the film inside.

Definitely I story to tell.