The way back starts on a ferry, leaving Castellorizzo, once called Megisti.

An other beauty of the Mediterranean sea, a Greek island, but closer to Turkey, where houses have an Italian facade and people are often from much further places.

I can’t hide that we went there thanks the beautiful movie “Mediterraneo”, directed by Gabriele Salvatores. The movie tells the events of a funny and scruffy troop of Italian soldiers that intends occupy the island, thankfully with very poor results.

Islands, however isolated, are always been the passage of new cultures and costumes, but also war and abuses. In fact Castellorizzo has often changed flag, as it used to be Italian, for a while French and also British. Although the island experienced different dominations and a terrific fire, has never changed its colours, the blue of its sea and the green of its flora.

Between jasmine tree and buganville the life is simple, nothing closer to our times, actually it seems to travel back in time. There you realise that we don’t need much to live.

Kids play by the edge of the port, probably as fifty years ago, simple games bonded with nature and the landscape.

While the ferry heads north, i am still surrounded by the big blue.

I will miss it here.