A letter to Emma, and more.

I am starting to be very influenced by the subject of “nature”, actually I have always been, but I have the feeling that my work is being shaped by this deep interest about the environment trough my personal view.

I found myself devoting the words of Charles Darwin on a letter he writes to his wife Emma Wedgwood

I canot tell you how much I enjoyed my Maer visit,—I felt in anticipation my future tranquil life: how I do hope you may be as happy as I know I shall be: but it frightens me, as often as I think of what a family you have been one of.— I was thinking this morning how on earth it came, that I, who am fond of talking & am scarcely ever out of spirits, should so entirely rest my notions of happiness on quietness & a good deal of solitude; but I believe the explanation is very simple, & I mention it, because it will give you hopes, that I shall gradually grow less of a brute, —it is that during the five years of my voyage (& indeed I may add these two last) which from the active manner in which they have been passed, may be said to be the commencement of my real life, the whole of my pleasure was derived, from what passed in my mind, whilst admiring views by myself, travelling across the wild desserts or glorious forests, or pacing the deck of the poor little Beagle at night.— Excuse this much egotism,— I give it you, because, I think you will humanize me, & soon teach me there is greater happiness, than building theories, & accumulating facts in silence & solitude.

Sunday Night 20 August 1839
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Charles Darwin ritratto di John Collier

Charles Darwin ritratto di John Collier